Debuggability and Tracing

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One Line Summary

Chase that bug ...


2016 year can be easily called as a year of RDMA.

It has steady stream of new comers into the subsystem. Despite the fact that kernel provides a lot of built-in functionality for debugs and traces, most of such new drivers are not using them.

It is time to discuss:
1. Which services should IB core provide to decrease the current printks flood?
2. What can be commonized?
3. Do we want/need to extend kernel perf?
4. Which paths (hot/cold) do we want to instrument?
5. Do we want general error handling?


  • Biography

    Leon Romanovsky is a software developer with vast experience in Linux kernel.

    During his career, he worked in a different roles both engineering and managerial, while currently he leads RDMA maintainers effort in the Mellanox.