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One Line Summary

New IOCTL ABI and issues related


Since it was decided to move from write to an IOCTL based ABI, there were multiple proposals. Living with the current ABI for quite some time, we have a good opportunity to fix some of the flaws.
This session strives to finalize the details of the new ABI:

  • The structs we pass between user-space and kernel.
  • Which FDs do we support?
  • How do we convert the legacy ABI to the new IOCTL based ABI?
  • If and how we implement a vendor channel?


ABI INFINIBAND RDMA ioctl file descriptors legacy vendor code


  • Biography

    Matan Barak is a staff engineer at Mellanox Technologies since 2014. During his years at Mellanox he has participated in developing the ConnectX-3 and ConnectX-4 linux drivers. He was also heavily involved in RoCE v2 development. Prior to joining Mellanox, Matan was a software engineer in Taykey and MTeye security. Matan holds a B.S.c. degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Tel-Aviv University.