Towards better restorer

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One Line Summary

Few words about why current restorer sucks and how to make it work better.


Current restorer code is built of ad-hoc solutions that try to re-construct the process tree based purely on the state it should get into.

Proper restorer should be a proved algorithm that builds the target graph of objects using the given set of rules. This task resembles the one about grammars and syntax analyzers, but is much more complex as formal rules do not fit into any known grammar types.


  • Xemul


    Pavel Emelyanov is Virtuozzo chief architect working in the project for the last ten years, currently he drives the development of all Virtuozzo features. In the past Pavel was also a prolific mainstream kernel contributor. Pavel is founder and current maintainer of the CRIU project. He holds a PhD degree in Applied Mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.