General discussion

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One Line Summary

Open discussion on a number of current topics


This period of time at the end of the micro-conference is meant for open discussion with the attendees, possibly continuing over lunch.

Potential topics:
– Container security (host DoS, escape, …)
– Unprivileged filesystem mounts
– Transition to CGroupV2


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    Stéphane Graber

    Canonical Ltd.


    Stéphane Graber works as the technical lead for LXD at Canonical Ltd. He is the upstream project leader for LXC and LXD and a frequent speaker and track leader at the various containers and other Linux related events.

    Stéphane is also a long time contributor to the Ubuntu Linux distribution as an Ubuntu Core Developer and he currently sits on the Ubuntu Technical Board.

    On his spare time, Stéphane helps organize a yearly security conference and contest in Montréal, Northsec, where his knowledge of Linux and network infrastructure is used to simulate the most complex of environments for the contestants.