Local storage resource management

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One Line Summary

Discuss the current state and future of local storage management with Containers


Local storage is an often neglected resource across many container runtimes. Local storage is often expected to be managed by storage vendors, but in reality local storage requires explicit management via container runtimes. This talk will use existing k8s primitives to facilitate a discussion around local storage management.


storage, containers, disk, Kubernetes, quota, kubelet


  • Vishnu Kannan

    Google Inc.


    Vishnu Kannan is a Senior Software Engineer at Google.
    Vishnu received his Masters in ECE from Georgia Tech.
    He has been a systems engineer ever since he graduated. He hacked on the Linux Kernel for a couple of years at Cisco.
    He then worked on Borg at Google.
    He is currently focused on Open Source Containers, spending most of his time on Kubernetes and Open Containers Initiative.