Building a virtualization continuum with Clear Containers

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One Line Summary

Presenting Clear Containers 2.0, a hardware virtualized
containers technology.


With containers usage rising, the cloud ecosystem is more and more fragmented. Cloud users need to choose between legacy, secure, long term running virtual machines and new, fast and easy to deploy containers.

In this presentation we will talk about about Clear Containers, a hardware virtualized Docker container runtime that combines containers flexibility with hardware isolation.

We will describe how we went through all layers of our container stack, from the host kernel to the guest image via qemu in order to drastically reduce virtual machines boot time and memory foortprint. Among other things we’ll talk about qemu’s pc-lite new machine type, DAX as a guest I/O accelerator, KSM and 9pfs and how those solutions helped us build Clear Containers.

We will also talk about how we managed to have orchestration engines like Kubernetes or Swarm transparently using Clear Containers and what it took from a networking perspective to do so.

Finally we’ll expose the challenges we’re facing around making a namespace/cgroup based software ecosystem talk with virtual machines.


virtualization, containers, docker, Kubernetes


  • Samuel Ortiz



    Software engineer at Intel’s Open Source Technology Center

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