Unified thermal management in a mobile system

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One Line Summary

The result of applying an IPA(Intelligent Power Allocation) system in a latest smartphone.


In a mobile system, where battery life is at a premium, power management is a critical issue that needs to addressed. Among the key areas of power management is that of thermal management. This presentation will focus on thermal management in a mobile system.

There are already many solutions which focus on overcoming heating problems in mobile devices. Whereas traditional PC based cooling solutions can use the installation of larger more powerful fans, mobile solutions have targeted the CPU by restricting the maximum CPU frequency of a device as its temperature increases.

In this presentation we will introduce and test a software based thermal management solution known as IPA. This solution is well suited for controlling heating problems on a mobile device running a Linux system. However, IPA is not perfect, but it can be improved by tuning the solution for a specific device.

This talk will cover the following:
- Introduce the IPA (Intelligent Power Allocation) solution and the smartphone’s existing thermal management solution.
- Explore the advantages of using the IPA system over the existing solution in a mobile device.
- Presentation and explanation of the variable test results.
- Overcoming IPA’s limitations to produce superior results
- Potential future thermal management solutions on mobile devices.


thermal, linux


  • Biography

    In Hyuk(Hugh) Kang is a software engineer at LG Electronics. He has been working mobile power management field and thermal management field for 10 years at this company. Especially, he has worked linux project work within power and thermal management for 5 years. He is currently forcing on thermal management in mobile system

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