Application packaging, sorting things out

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Scheduled: Wednesday, November 2, 2016 from 4:00 – 4:45pm in Sweeney F

One Line Summary

Discussion on OEMs and consumers needs for comprehensive packaging of "applications"


Several application packaging and containment technologies have emerged in recent months, aiming to address the Linux desktop environment use cases. These recent developments have further reinforced the notion that Linux is no longer just for geeks with laptops.

The speaker will bring ideas and needs from two large sectors, automotive and gaming, that can benefit from using freedesktop technologies.

From an automotive standpoint, we will explore an app framework for Internet­ connected cars, and how the needs of such a framework can be addressed without reinventing the wheel, using freedesktop specifications like Desktop Entries, AppStream and Flatpak.

On the gaming side, we will look at how a possible solution, built on existing freedesktop technologies such as bubblewrap, and new libc/libdl features like dlmopen, could greatly improve game stability and longevity, and allow games to fully benefit from performance improvements, all with little or no extra effort required from game developers.

The rest of the time should be used for discussions and debates about how to bring some of those ‘competing’ or ‘complementary’ initiatives together.


containers, packaging, applications, middleware


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    Matthew Garrett is a security developer at CoreOS, developing technologies to improve the security of containers and the systems that run them. He has a background in firmware integration, power management and fruitfly genetics and so has atypical ideas about system complexity and the ease of reverse engineering. A board member at the Free Software Foundation and a a member of the Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board, he has strong feelings on high-quality Free Software.

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    Guy Lunardi



    Linux desktop enthusiast, traveler, foodie, audiophile and generally happy Guy

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