Mainlining of the Android Sync Framework: status update

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One Line Summary

Update on the effort to add Explicit Fencing to mainline kernel using the Android Sync Framework as a base.


Quick overview on what happened in this area:
- mainline struct fence
- de-staging of Android Sync as Sync File in mainline
- DRM/KMS explicit fences
- support on drm_hwcomposer/HWC2
- support on Wayland


drm, graphics, android, staging, v4l, explicit-fencing, mainline

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    Gustavo Padovan

    Collabora Ltd


    Gustavo Padovan holds a BSc. Computer Science from the University of Campinas, Brazil. He is Linux Kernel Developer and works at the open-source consultancy Collabora Ltd. In the Kernel he worked in a few different areas, in the past he was Maintainer of Bluetooth Subsystem and in the last two years has been focusing on the Graphics side of the Kernel. Gustavo lives in Brazil.