devictree: hardware vs configuration vs policy

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One Line Summary

Where should configuration and policy information be located; devicetree or elsewhere?


A device tree is supposed to contain descriptions of hardware. The “chosen” node is a specific exception, architected to contain parameters specified by the firmware.

Configuration and policy information is not supposed to be in the device tree. There is a desire to use a single kernel for multiple device trees, so the kernel config options are not available to configuration information.

Where does configuration information and policy information belong? Should device tree be extended to contain it? Is another location needed?


devicetree, configuration, policy

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  • 2004_12_29

    Frank Rowand

    Sony Mobile Communications


    Frank has meddled in the internals of several proprietary operating systems, but has been loyal to the Linux kernel since 1999. He has worked in many areas of technology, including performance, networking, platform support, drivers, real-time, and embedded. He is currently employed by Sony Mobile Communications.