IOMMU Interaction Issues with PCI

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One Line Summary

Discuss current issues in PCI<->IOMMU interaction.


While the PCI and IOMMU systems work together almost smoothly, there are some rough edges on both sides which could be improved. This proposal is about discussing possible solutions. Some of the current issues are:

  • Relaxing IOMMU-group constraints for in-kernel users
  • Invisible devices (transparent bridges)
  • Making individual IOMMUs visible to the PCI/Device core?
  • More unified setup of dma-ops for (PCI-)devices

There is probably more issues from the other attendees to discuss in this session.


PCI, IOMMU, IOMMU-Groups, Devices


  • Biography

    Joerg Roedel works for SUSE and is the upstream maintainer for the IOMMU code in the Linux kernel. Prior to SUSE he worked at AMD, where he spent time on KVM and IOMMU projects.