Resource Allocation In Linux

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One Line Summary

Implement Resource Allocation, Cache Allocation Technology (CAT), and Resource Director Technology (RDT) in Linux and optimize performance and improve QoS in OpenStack, Container, real time apps using the technologies


Resource allocation is part of emerging Intel Resource Director Technology (RDT). Currently Cache Allocation Technology (CAT), which allocates a dedicate portion of L2 or/and L3 cache for a process, is supported. The technology can effectively improve performance in ‘noisy neighbor’ scenarios where a low priority app may pollute the cache and hence degrade performance of other high priority apps. It improves cloud performance by allocating dedicate cache to a guest. Same technology can be used in container and real time optimization. There is significant reduction in the max and avg response time when workloads are run with or without CAT enabled. Cache isolation is also useful for security.
We will talk about the efforts so far we have done in new multi resources and multi sockets Linux kernel user interface design, a graphic user cache allocation tool, dynamic loop back allocation algorithm, how Openstack/Cloud and container space developers use the kernel framework, and our innovations in the area. We will show various performance improvement research results from the technologies. We hope the community cooperate on various future tasks to better utilize the technologies.


kernel, QOS, docker, Real Time, OpenStack, container, Cache Allocation Technology, CAT, Resource Director Technology, RDT, Resource Allocation


  • Fenghua Yu



    Fenghua Yu is a Linux kernel developer in Intel. He has been working on Linux kernel development for over ten years. His projects cover various areas include Cache Allocation Technology enabling in kernel, platform QoS, EFI, kernel optimization, power management, context switch, security, etc. He lives in the San Francisco bay area.

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