Reducing Network Latency on Wifi... Finally!

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Scheduled: Thursday, November 3, 2016 from 11:00 – 11:45am in Sweeney F

One Line Summary

WiFi doesn't have to suck. Really. We can make it suck less. In fact, we just did.


After a long gestation, the fq_codel algorthm and airtime fairness code from the “make-wifi-fast” project is beginning to enter Linux, with first implementations on the ath9k and ath10k chips emerging. This talk will go into why reducing wifi latencies is helpful, and into the structural changes that were needed to make this work, with the hope that in the end, more WiFi drivers will be able to take advantage of them. If there is time, I’ll poke into some other issues (notably with QoS & rate control) that can also be improved over the longer term.


bufferbloat, fq_codel, wifi

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