Standardization of Device Tree Bindings for TPM

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One Line Summary

Standardizing Device Tree bindings for TPM, thereby enabling a defacto mechanism for DT based platforms.


TCG Specification currently provides ACPI as the standard mechanism for Operating System to discover TPM if it is identified on the Host Platform. However, there are various architectures which use Device Tree rather than ACPI, but TCG Specs currently lack the discussion for Device Tree based mechanisms.

Since Device Tree is popular mechanism used by multiple platforms like PowerPC, ARM, it is important to discuss about standarization of Device Tree Bindings for TPM in context of:

  • TPM is discoverable if DT bindings are available on Platform which has TPM enumerated
  • Eventlog handover for Device Tree based mechanisms
  • Additional TPM information like enabled/disabled.

Further, this discussion will help to find commonality and differences between ACPI/DT based mechanisms. This will also enable in identifying a generic approach for eventlog handover to be defined in TCG Specs.


standardization, TPM, devicetree


  • Biography

    Nayna Jain, software engineer at Linux Technology Center, IBM. She is currently working on trusted computing technology.