Favored cores and asymmetric packing

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One Line Summary

Using the scheduler's ASYM_PACKING feature for the handling of cores with different maximum turbo frequencies


With Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, single-threaded performance is optimized by identifying processor’s fastest core and running critical workloads on it. This presentation gives overview of implementation using ACPI CPPC and scheduler ASYM_PACKING feature.

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  • Tim Chen



    Tim Chen is currently an engineer at Intel’s Open Source Technology Center. His interests include Linux Kernel’s scalability and performance optimizations and also crypto algorithms.

  • Biography

    Srinivas works at Intel’s Open Source Technology Center. He is a kernel maintainer and active contributor for performance, thermal, Linux IIO, HID discrete and integrated sensor hub drivers. Also he is developer and maintainer of Linux Thermal Daemon, which is default thermal solution used on several Linux platforms.