The vDSO on arm64

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One Line Summary

Status of the vDSO on arm64 and the proposed addition of a 32-bit vDSO.


The vDSO is a mechanism provided by the kernel to make certain syscalls faster, by enabling userspace to perform the operation itself without actually calling into the kernel.

Originally implemented on PowerPC and x86, a number of architectures now provide a vDSO, including ARM and ARM64.

This talk will provide an overview of the vDSO, both in the kernel and in userspace. It will focus on the arm64 implementation, with the proposed addition of a compat 32-bit vDSO, which would be beneficial for Android and other platforms.


ARM, bionic, ARM64, vDSO

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  • Biography

    Kevin is a graduate software engineer at ARM. He has been contributing to a number of projects over the past year, including ART (the Android Runtime) and the Linux kernel, mainly towards the arm64 vDSO.