ION - Large pages for devices

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One Line Summary

New ION heap for large pages to reduce device TLB


Embedded devices are gaining new features and facing increased load for existing ones. Examples are UHD displays, pushing buffer sizes and bandwidth requirements, and the need for graphics/video in virtualized environments.

With larger buffer sizes comes higher TLB pressure, often too high for embedded devices. Using a carve-out is a poor solution, so we need to focus on reducing the TLB pressure to handle these larger buffers. A solution to this challenge may be as simple as to use the next page granule. However, as deemed by many, large pages are hard to come by on
a loaded system due to fragmentation.

ION is at the center of allocating Android media buffers, so it appears to be a suitable starting point for experimentation. We will explore why
we turned to large pages and present our experimental large page ION heap alongside some
additional findings.


ARM, ARM64, ion, TLB

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  • Biography

    John Einar Reitan, working for ARM. OSS proponent in the the multimedia/graphics division. 10 years in ARM working on the GPU drivers.