HiKey in AOSP

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One Line Summary

Lightning talk on HiKey in AOSP, and what its been useful for


Back in March, HiKey (one of the 96boards) was added as a supported device in AOSP master. This provides a useful devboard in AOSP that can be used for prototyping new features, and can be a useful reference for how to integrate AOSP features for a devboard. This talk will quickly cover background, recent developments, and examples of how the board has been a useful bridge between AOSP and the upstream kernel community.


upstream, AOSP, HiKey, 96boards

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  • Johnstultz

    John Stultz



    John Stultz, working with Linaro, has for a number of years been focused on getting Android functionality upstream into the mainline kernel.

    He has also recently collaborated with others to get the 96boards HiKey board in AOSP and working to get its functionality upstream as well.

    Previously, he worked on x86 server enablement, and Enterprise Realtime Linux.

    He’s also a maintainer of the Linux timekeeping subsystem.