Support for configurable PCIe endpoint

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Support for configurable PCIe endpoint


The PCIe controller present in some of the current SoCs is capable of operating either in
Root Complex mode or Endpoint mode. But linux kernel right now supports configuring the PCIe controller only in RC mode.

PCIe endpoint support in Linux Kernel has a variety of use cases from validation of the PCI controller/driver/core to exposing peripherals/processors to be used as an accelerator by the root complex system.

The proposal to add endpoint support in Linux Kernel has already been discussed in LKML ( and looks like it will be beneficial to a lot of people.

This presentation will discuss/propose/review the architecture of the EP framework.


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  • Biography

    Kishon is an active contributor to the Linux Kernel since 2010, developing and up-streaming linux device drivers for various TI platforms. He has worked in USB, PCI and MMC subsystems in Linux Kernel. He maintains the Generic PHY Subsystem (/drivers/phy/) and PCIe driver for DRA7xx in the linux kernel.
    His previous talking experience includes presenting paper on “USB Debugging and Profiling Techniques” in ELCE 2012 and “Generic PHY Framework: An Overview” in ELCE 2014, “Generic PHY Framework” in ELCUS 2015 and “overview of pci(e) subsystem” in ELCE 2015.