Checkpoint Restore in LXD

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One Line Summary

In this talk I'll cover the ways we use checkpoint restore in LXD, as well as some challenges we face.


In this talk I’ll cover the various ways that we use checkpoint restore in LXD (migration, stateful container snapshots, etc.). One of the challenges we face is managing how CRIU is invoked: in some cases we absolutely want the container to migrate, and “small problems” can cause it to fail. In other cases, we want to fail if things don’t go exactly right. In this talk I’ll also ask for feedback on a mechanism in CRIU to collect these sorts of settings, so that all users of CRIU can benefit from this alternating behavior.


containers, CRIU


  • Tycho Andersen

    Canonical Ltd.


    Tycho is a software engineer at Canonical actively working on several cloud-related projects, most recently as one of the core developers of LXD. He holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin—Madison and Iowa State University, and has co-authored several peer-reviewed papers. In his spare time he rides bikes and does improv comedy.