Remote server for tracing

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One Line Summary

Adding a trace-cmd server for guests and remote machines


It’s been on my todo list for some time, and there’s been a little work done already. But I would like to have the ability to create a server daemon that runs on a remote host or a guest. Then you could have the local host connect to that daemon to start tracing.

The main issue I have is coming up with a decent protocol for this approach. We need something that is robust enough for future changes, and my worry is also about security. As it is a means to start root only services on a machine. We need to implement protection against attacks.


server, ftrace, trace-cmd, remote


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    Steven Rostedt

    Red Hat


    Steven Rostedt has been working with the Linux kernel since 2001. He currently works for Red Hat working in their Messaging Real-time Grid (MRG) division. He created and maintains Ftrace, the official Linux kernel tracer, and is the current real-time kernel stable maintainer.