Improve utilization and load tracking in the scheduler

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One Line Summary

Discuss some limitations of PELT, their impact and how to improve the situation.


The Per Entity Load Tracking has become the default metric in the scheduler in order to evaluate system load and to balance tasks in the system. Its use has been extended to also estimate the CPUs’ utilization and set the best OPPs. With the process of consolidating all decisions related to CPUs, PELT is going to take a always growing place in optimizing CPUs usage. Nevertheless, the metric still has few limitations that can generate wrong scheduler behavior. We will go through these limitations and the possible solutions.


scheduler, PELT, CPU utilization

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  • Biography

    Vincent Guittot is an embedded Linux engineer at Linaro.
    Since 2005, he has focused on mobile phone running Linux and Android. In 2010, he has joined the power management working group of Linaro and starts to work on all part of the kernel that could improve the power consumption.