PCIe domains re-enumeration

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One Line Summary

PCIe domains re-enumeration


With PCIe attached SSDs gaining traction through NVM Express, we are encountering user expectations to match that of older storage protocols, like SAS. One of the main features is the ability to hot plug these devices in no particular order with somewhat arbitrary topologies.

In order for this to work in PCIe today, the memory and bus resources must be sufficiently padded to account for worst case scenarios. In many cases, it is not possible to satisfy all conditions, and available resources may be wasted.

This presentation will discuss how we can fully re-enumerate a live PCIe hierarchy to allow more robust hotplug scenarios without over provisioned resources. In order for this to be safe, there are certain expectations on devices and their drivers, so this talk will also discuss the scope for which this feature is applicable.


SSD, PCI, hot-plug


  • Keith Busch



    I develop non-volatile memory technology and storage software for Linux, focusing on PCI-e attached storage.