Open-Channel SSDs

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One Line Summary

Bringing Open-Channel SSDs to a Data-Center Near You


This talk introduces Open-Channel SSDs and the Linux kernel LightNVM subsystem. LightNVM is perfect for all-flash-arrays (AFAs), large-scale data centers, and high-performance computing, where it provides the opportunity to control data placement and garbage collection across all your storage, substantially reducing latency timings and unpredictability, while improving throughput and prolonging device lifetime. The talk covers:

- The core architecture of LightNVM and Open-Channel SSDs. - An in-depth description of pblk, the target that exposes Open-Channel SSDs as block storage. - Real-time benchmarking of latency, showing an order of magnitude better latencies than traditional SSDs.

We like feedback and discussions on new use-cases, requirements for adoption, and new applications.


storage, high-performance, SSD, open-channel, lightnvm


  • Matias Bjørling

    CNEX Labs


    Matias Bjørling is the maintainer of the Linux kernel LightNVM subsystem. He currently works at CNEX Labs and leads their LightNVM and Open-Channel SSDs efforts. He also participates in the development of the multi-queue block layer subsystem, NVMe device driver development, and actively collaborate with research institutions to enable Software-defined Storage for Flash.

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