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Scheduled: Friday, November 4, 2016 from 4:00 – 4:45pm in Sweeney F

One Line Summary

a new generation of bug finding tools


The talk covers several tools:
– AddressSanitizer (KASAN), finds use-after-free and out-of-bounds bugs in heap, stack and globals
– ThreadSanitizer (KTSAN), finds data-races
– MemorySanitizer (KMSAN), finds uses of unitialized memory
– Syzkaller, coverage-guided system call fuzzer
KASAN and Syzkaller are in mainline, KTSAN exists as a prototype while KMSAN is only planned. The tools are based on compiler instrumentation, fast, detect bugs at the point of occurrence and provide informative reports. To date the tools have found more than 300 bugs.


testing, use-after-free, data-race, uninitialized, coverage, fuzzing, syzkaller

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  • Dmitry-vyukov

    Dmitry Vyukov



    Dmitry Vyukov works as a programmer at Google. He works on dynamic testing tools for C/C++ and Go – Address/Memory/ThreadSanitizer, and on similar tools for Linux kernel. He is also interested in
    randomized testing/fuzzing, wrote syzkaller (system call fuzzer), go-fuzz (fuzzing system for Go) and GoSmith (random program generator). Active contributor to Go language, implemented scalable goroutine scheduler, network poller and parallel garbage collector. Dmitry is an expert in multithreading, concurrency and synchronization, author of a dozen of novel lock-free algorithms, holds Intel BlackBelt title.

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