Linux Plumbers Conference 2016 BoF Sessions proposals


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* _OSI and it's impact to OEMs

This is to discuss the impact of the Linux kernel responding as the latest version of Windows to OEM's trying to support Linux.
BoFs 11/01/2016
Mario Limonciello

* UEFI & Linux Interoperability

Discussion of how Linux works with the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) (slides)
BoFs 10/13/2016
harry hsiung

* ZFS and OpenVZ container sync project

I demonstrate how OpenVZ can be used with a ZFS backend to provide an effective development/production ecosystem where datasets and OS state can be checkpointed and sync'd across hosts with efficiency and versatility.
BoFs 09/24/2016
Michael C

* A Formal Model of Linux-Kernel Memory Ordering

Review, explore, and critique a draft formal model of Linux-kernel memory ordering.
BoFs 09/16/2016
Paul McKenney

* Distributing files with signatures

Linux can enforce signature checking on all files and make sure only trusted software can be executed, but this requires that the file signatures be packaged, distributed, and installed together with the files. This BoF aims to bring together people working on package management systems to discuss the different methods of including file signatures in software packages.
BoFs 09/12/2016
Mehmet Kayaalp, Stefan Berger

* UEFI & Linux Interoperability

Discussion of how Linux works with the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) (slides)
BoFs 09/09/2016
harry hsiung

* What do we call an explosive mix of LSM, cgroup, BPF, seccomp ?

checmate or landlock
BoFs 09/07/2016
Alexei Starovoitov, Tejun Heo, Kees Cook

* GPL Enforcement Feedback session

A session for Q&A and to hear feedback about GPL enforcement.
BoFs 09/02/2016
Karen Sandler

* Increase Test Coverage in a Linux-based OS

Quality Assurance strategy in Clear LInux project; a case of study
BoFs 06/28/2016
Guillermo Ponce, Victor Rodriguez

* Software Updates for Connected Linux Devices: Key Considerations

In this presentation, we will cover the nuances and security considerations one must be mindful of when deploying software updates to connected Linux devices to ensure the security and integrity of devices deployed in the wild.
BoFs 06/15/2016
Eystein Stenberg

* Improving Gaming Under Linux

A session for people with interest in various parts of the OS and distro to improve gaming performance
BoFs 05/04/2016
PJ Waskiewicz, John Linville