RDMA Workshop track

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 from 9:00am5:00pm
Sweeney AB

The RDMA subsystem is currently in some flux with work going on to redefine the kernel ABI as well as the question how to integrate with core kernel functionality like memcg, bvme, SE Linux and so on. New drivers and fabrics have been and will be submitted. We would like to meet on these subjects to see how we can most effectively tackle these issues and make the RDMA subsystem less difficult to use and ease the integration of new features.

Microconference Leaders

Christoph Lameter, Leon Romanovsky

Proposals for this track

* Consolidation of RDMA User-space code

RDMA User-space Consolidation: Update and Future projects discussion
RDMA Workshop 10/19/2016
Jason Gunthorpe

* Containers and RDMA

Using Containers with RDMA devices
RDMA Workshop 10/20/2016
Christoph Lameter, Leon Romanovsky

* Debuggability and Tracing

Chase that bug ...
RDMA Workshop 10/20/2016
Leon Romanovsky

* Dual Licensing

Current and Future Licensing Approach to the RDMA Subsystem Codebase
RDMA Workshop 10/19/2016
Susan Coulter

* Future and Roadmap for RDMA

RDMA Roadmap and Interoperability Testing
RDMA Workshop 10/24/2016
Doug Ledford

* Implementing a new Linux RDMA provider

Implementing Linux RDMA provider software for a new device from scratch
RDMA Workshop 10/19/2016
Knut Omang

* Integration with other subsystems

Integrating functionality for GPUs, network, PCI devices
RDMA Workshop 10/20/2016
Leon Romanovsky

* Lunch Break

1 hour lunch break
RDMA Workshop 10/28/2016
Christoph Lameter

* New Fabrics

New network technologies (fabrics, NICs and even APIs) have recently surfaced.
RDMA Workshop 10/19/2016
Ira Weiny


New IOCTL ABI and issues related
RDMA Workshop 10/20/2016
Matan Barak

* User Mode Ethernet Verbs

Support for richer offloads in the Verbs API
RDMA Workshop 10/25/2016
Christoph Lameter, Leon Romanovsky