TPMs track

Friday, November 4, 2016 from 9:30am12:30pm
Sweeney CDE

The Linux Plumbers 2016 TPM track will focus on promoting discussions on integrating TPM support into mainstream distributions, from boot through to userspace. It will describe the issues that need to be rectified before TPMs can be depended upon in general, along with why this is so important (helping resist firmware-based attacks, increased protection of user keys and so on.

This will require discussion of kernel components along with early boot, system-wide infrastructure and the tooling necessary to tie this into desktop sessions.

Microconference Leaders

Matthew Garrett, Ken Goldman

Proposals for this track

* How Google use TPMs in ChromeOS

A description of Google's TPM stack and components
TPMs 10/18/2016
Andrey Pronin

* Introduction

TPMs 10/18/2016
Matthew Garrett

* Shipping known-good PCR values

How can we make it easier to seal secrets to TPMs?
TPMs 10/18/2016
Matthew Garrett

* Standardization of Device Tree Bindings for TPM

Standardizing Device Tree bindings for TPM, thereby enabling a defacto mechanism for DT based platforms.
TPMs 09/01/2016
Nayna Jain

* The IBM TSS 2.0 stack

Introduction to the IBM TSS 2.0 stack
TPMs 10/18/2016
Ken Goldman

* The Intel TSS 2.0 stack

Introduction to the Intel TSS 2.0 stack
TPMs 10/18/2016
Philip Tricca

* Using the TPM for cloud based authentication

Discuss and demo tools for creating private keys offline and securely uploading them to the cloud.
TPMs 09/01/2016
James E.J. Bottomley