Android/Mobile track

Thursday, November 3, 2016 from 2:009:00pm
Sweeney CDE

The Linux Plumbers 2016 Android/Mobile track focuses on finding solutions for kernel changes and other plumbing related issues that Android and other mobile solutions make use of but are not yet upstream.

Microconference Leader

Karim Yaghmour

Proposals for this track

* Android background updates lightning talk

Overview of the background updates feature in Android N (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/31/2016
Rom Lemarchand

* Android Systems Programming Using the Java Language

The android.system package lets you do things you used to have to turn to native code for, without giving up the benefits of a managed runtime. (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/15/2016
Elliott Hughes

* AOSP's switch to Clang

AOSP's switch to Clang based toolchains (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
Bernhard Rosenkraenzer

* Better compute control for Android using SchedTune and SCHED_DEADLINE

SchedTune and SCHED_DEADLINE utility for Android (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
Patrick Bellasi, Juri Lelli

* Brillo Kernel Maintenance

Brillo's always-on-latest-LTS kernel plan (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
Kees Cook

* drm_hwcomposer library

Cover a brief history of the drm_hwcomposer library, an overview of the code, composition strategies, basic pointers to running Android on DRM/KMS, and future direction. (slides)
Android/Mobile 09/15/2016
Greg Hackmann, Sean Paul, Marissa Wall

* Energy Aware Scheduling (EAS) on Android

Summary of experiences with deploying EAS on Android (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
Todd Kjos, Robin Randhawa

* HiKey in AOSP

Lightning talk on HiKey in AOSP, and what its been useful for (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
John Stultz

* ION - Large pages for devices

New ION heap for large pages to reduce device TLB (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
John Einar Reitan

* Ion update and status report

Discussion of the progress to move Ion out of staging (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/17/2016
Laura Abbott

* Linux Kernel: Behavioral Analysis and Visualization

A hands on session explaining behavioral analysis in the kernel and the tooling built around it. The eventual goal is to have "behaviors" defined for a wide range of sub-systems in the Linux kernel. (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
KP Singh

* Mainlining of the Android Sync Framework: status update

Update on the effort to add Explicit Fencing to mainline kernel using the Android Sync Framework as a base. (slides)
Android/Mobile 09/07/2016
Gustavo Padovan

* Multi-device support for AOSP

Discussion on Linaro's and other's HAL unification/consolidation/dynamic-modularization work along with single kernel/single user-space efforts. (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
John Stultz, Rob Herring, Amit Kucheria

* Secure world discussion: OP-TEE and Trusty

Overview and discussion on OPTEE and Trusty (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
Rom Lemarchand, Jens Wiklander

* The vDSO on arm64

Status of the vDSO on arm64 and the proposed addition of a 32-bit vDSO. (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
Kevin Brodsky

* What to do with Android items in staging?

Very quick review of Android items in staging (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
John Stultz, Greg Kroah-Hartman