Testing and Fuzzing track

Thursday, November 3, 2016 from 9:30am12:29pm
Sweeney AB

The Linux Plumbers 2016 Testing & Fuzzing track is focusing on advancing the current state of testing in the Linux Kernel.

Microconference Leader

Sasha Levin

Proposals for this track

* All About the perf_fuzzer

Experiences gained while fuzzing the complex perf_event_open() system call.
Testing and Fuzzing 06/07/2016
Vincent Weaver

* Applying mutation testing for testing RCU: Progress report

Learn how we overcame the practical and computational limitations of mutation testing to identify real problems in projects as complex as the Kernel, and how you too can adopt this technique.
Testing and Fuzzing 09/22/2016
Iftekhar Ahmed

* Integrating and running all the kernel tests

Collecting, running and contributing kernel tests is still a challenge
Testing and Fuzzing 08/30/2016
Yannick Brosseau

* Linux Kernel Testing: Where are we ?

Provide an overview of current kernel test efforts
Testing and Fuzzing 09/07/2016
Guenter Roeck

* Linux linker tables - past, present and future

Linux may soon have linker table support, where did this come from and what does this mean? (slides)
Testing and Fuzzing 07/25/2016
Luis Rodriguez

* Syzkaller: Future development

Making syzkaller even more efficient (slides)
Testing and Fuzzing 07/01/2016
Dmitry Vyukov

* Trinity: Next directions.

Trinity: Next directions.
Testing and Fuzzing 06/08/2016
Dave Jones