Refereed Presentations Track track

Refereed Presentations Track

Proposals for this track

* A Beginner's Guide to the TPM

A talk about what the TPM can do, what it should be doing for you in Linux and how we can help it do that. <a href="">slides</a>
Refereed Presentations Track 06/25/2016
James E.J. Bottomley

* Application packaging, sorting things out

Discussion on OEMs and consumers needs for comprehensive packaging of "applications"
Refereed Presentations Track 09/07/2016
Guy Lunardi, Matthew Garrett

* Baking Android with different Memory Allocaters

Android space and time complexity analysis with different memory allocaters
Refereed Presentations Track 06/22/2016
satish satish

* Beating Bufferbloat on WiFi

Reducing Network Latency in Wireless technologies can make gaming and videoconferencing much better
Refereed Presentations Track 09/01/2016
Dave Taht

* Beyond Fork and Exec: Running a Million Containers at Facebook

A critical look at Linux APIs from an application developer perspective
Refereed Presentations Track 08/02/2016
Alex Gartrell

* Bringing Android Explicit Fencing to Mainline

Adding Explicit Fencing to the Linux graphics pipeline
Refereed Presentations Track 06/22/2016
Gustavo Padovan

* Building a virtualization continuum with Clear Containers

Presenting Clear Containers 2.0, a hardware virtualized containers technology.
Refereed Presentations Track 09/08/2016
Samuel Ortiz

* Capability-based IPC on Linux

Introducing bus1, a capability based IPC on linux. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/26/2016
David Herrmann, Tom Gundersen

* Configuring Linux for diskless, NFS-less use on The Machine

Transforming file systems intended for disks into form and function for diskless boot and runtime.
Refereed Presentations Track 09/02/2016
Rocky Craig

* Container Networking with BPF & XDP

Fast in-kernel container networking with security policy enforcement based on BPF programs which are generated on the fly for each container.
Refereed Presentations Track 09/08/2016
Thomas Graf

* Crazy memory over-commits without compromising response time.

A recipe to achieve crazy memory over-commits without degrading the response time.
Refereed Presentations Track 09/01/2016
Ram Pai

* Don't flush TLB entries, Share them!

Adding shared context/shared TLB support to the Linux kernel
Refereed Presentations Track 08/15/2016
Mike Kravetz

* Employment Agreements and Linux

Discussing ContractPatch, an initiative that is in the works to help developers understand Employment Agreements and know how and what they might be able to negotiate.
Refereed Presentations Track 09/02/2016
Karen Sandler

* Enable XSAVES in Linux

This presentation discusses XSAVES features and experience learned from the implementation in Linux.
Refereed Presentations Track 09/08/2016
Yu-cheng Yu

* Enabling Fast Per-CPU User-Space Algorithms with Restartable Sequences

Explanation of the Restartable Sequences (rseq) system call: algorithm, ABI, and use-cases. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/31/2016
Mathieu Desnoyers

* Extending NBD for sparse files

Summary of ongoing work to enhance the Network Block Device (NBD) protocol to better handle sparse files in the context of qemu
Refereed Presentations Track 09/01/2016
Eric Blake

* FAM/E: Developing for The Machine sans The Machine

A development platform for a future platform that uses off-the-shelf FOSS tools.
Refereed Presentations Track 09/02/2016
Rocky Craig

* File signatures needed!

In this talk we will present how Linux Integrity Measurement Architecture (IMA) on Ubuntu and Fedora can prevent the execution of unsanctioned programs once we have installed the system files with signatures. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 09/01/2016
Mehmet Kayaalp, Stefan Berger

* gce-xfstests: Testing Kernels in the Cloud

Testing kernels in GCE using a test appliance containing xfstests
Refereed Presentations Track 09/08/2016
Theodore Ts'o

* git-series: Tracking the History of History

This talk will present git-series, a new git tool for tracking patch series through rebases and other non-fast-forwarding operations. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/30/2016
Josh Triplett

* How truly unprivileged containers work in lxc

Learn how Linux safely supports unprivileged users creating and starting containers. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 09/01/2016
Serge Hallyn

* Hugepage support on Linux

Current state and future directions for hugepage support on Linux
Refereed Presentations Track 08/18/2016
Nitin Gupta

* Improving Linux Performance with GCC latest technologies

Use of the latest GCC technology to boost the performance of a Linux-based system (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/22/2016
Victor Rodriguez

* linux and glibc: Reaching developers quickly and easily

The quickest and easiest way to get your userspace kernel APIs to developers. Right now.
Refereed Presentations Track 09/01/2016
Carlos O'Donell

* linux and glibc: The 4.5TiB malloc API trace

Ever wanted simulate a workload without needing the original application? Look no further. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 09/01/2016
Carlos O'Donell

* Long-term Infrastructure for Individual Linux Contributions

What happens to someone's copyrights when they die and should we care?
Refereed Presentations Track 09/02/2016
Karen Sandler

* Man-pages: discovery, feedback loops, and the perfect kernel commit message

How do we discover API changes, test and document them, and make sure they are publicized to everyone, including end users, as far in advance, and as widely, as possible? (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/29/2016
Michael Kerrisk

* Near Field Communication (NFC) on Linux

Current status and future developments of the Linux NFC project (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 09/08/2016
Thierry Escande

* New Wireless Daemon for Linux

This presentation is about a new 802.11 wireless daemon for Linux.
Refereed Presentations Track 09/01/2016
Marcel Holtmann

* Open-Channel SSDs

Bringing Open-Channel SSDs to a Data-Center Near You
Refereed Presentations Track 06/16/2016
Matias Bjørling

* Portable System Services

systemd's primary functionality is service management. Let's bring service management to the next level, by introducing "Portable System Services", a new concept how services may be packaged up with all their required libraries, data and other artifacts and may be shipped as single-file images. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 07/20/2016
Lennart Poettering

* Protect Memory with Hardware Secured Memory

Use SPARC M7 processor's hardware secured memory feature to protect crucial memory areas from malicious attackers and programming errors.
Refereed Presentations Track 09/08/2016
Khalid Aziz

* Raising Virtualization Abstraction to the Next Level with Paravirtualized Syscalls

Improving virtualization to provide a secure execution environment for container workloads
Refereed Presentations Track 08/12/2016
Stefano Stabellini

* Reducing Network Latency on Wifi... Finally!

WiFi doesn't have to suck. Really. We can make it suck less. In fact, we just did. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 09/01/2016
Dave Taht

* Resource Allocation In Linux

Implement Resource Allocation, Cache Allocation Technology (CAT), and Resource Director Technology (RDT) in Linux and optimize performance and improve QoS in OpenStack, Container, real time apps using the technologies
Refereed Presentations Track 09/02/2016
Fenghua Yu

* rtl8xxxu - true love for cheap USB WiFi dongles

Improving support for cheap Realtek WiFi dongles (and shrinking drivers/staging in the process) (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 09/07/2016
Jes Sorensen

* Sanitizers

a new generation of bug finding tools (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 04/05/2016
Dmitry Vyukov

* Scaling Paravirtual I/O for KVM guests

Re-architecting vhost worker threads for performance gains
Refereed Presentations Track 08/30/2016
Bandan Das, Mike Rapoport

* Take advantage of L3 Cache to prioritize Linux process.

Use the latest Intel® Xeon® feature to view and control over how shared resources such as last-level cache (LLC) is used by applications, virtual machines (VMs) and containers.
Refereed Presentations Track 09/01/2016
Miguel Bernal Marin

* The Fuego Test Framework

Introduction to the Fuego Test Framework
Refereed Presentations Track 09/06/2016
Tim Bird

* The Linux Contributor Treemap: A Treemap Visualization of the Contributors of the Kernel

Presentation of the Linux Contributor Treemap: A Treemap Visualization of the Contributors of the Kernel
Refereed Presentations Track 08/31/2016
Alexandre Courouble

* Transparent Compression of Graphical Buffers for Mobile GPUs

A proof-of-concept solution for transparent compression of memory buffers managed by GPU kernel drivers (Mali Utgard and Midgard).
Refereed Presentations Track 08/31/2016
Sergei Rogachev

* Unified thermal management in a mobile system

The result of applying an IPA(Intelligent Power Allocation) system in a latest smartphone.
Refereed Presentations Track 09/08/2016
In Hyuk (Hugh) KANG

* Using Device Trees with FPGAs

This presentation will describe how Device Trees are used to manage FPGAs in the Linux kernel.
Refereed Presentations Track 09/07/2016
Matthew Gerlach

* VRF: Now Appearing in Your Favorite OS Distributions

This talk will go over the status of the VRF feature for Linux and what to expect now that VRF is showing up in OS distributions.
Refereed Presentations Track 08/18/2016
David Ahern