Microconference Session

Microconference Session

Proposals for this sessiontype

* What doesn't work in CRIU, ARM edition

Missing pieces for full ARM/AArch64 support and new use cases from ARM work hopefully worth sharing across all architectures
Checkpoint/Restore 09/19/2016
Christopher Covington

* _OSI and it's impact to OEMs

This is to discuss the impact of the Linux kernel responding as the latest version of Windows to OEM's trying to support Linux.
Power Management and Energy-awareness 10/20/2016
Mario Limonciello

* A Maze of Git Scripts All Alike

We've all written umpteen Git scripts. Any standardization on the horizon?
Git 09/27/2016
Jon Loeliger, Steven Rostedt

* Alex Courouble: Token-level git blame

Some scripting to obtain token-level git blame results.
Git 09/27/2016
Jon Loeliger, Alexandre Courouble

* All About the perf_fuzzer

Experiences gained while fuzzing the complex perf_event_open() system call.
Testing and Fuzzing 06/07/2016
Vincent Weaver

* Android background updates lightning talk

Overview of the background updates feature in Android N (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/31/2016
Rom Lemarchand

* Android Systems Programming Using the Java Language

The android.system package lets you do things you used to have to turn to native code for, without giving up the benefits of a managed runtime. (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/15/2016
Elliott Hughes

* AOSP's switch to Clang

AOSP's switch to Clang based toolchains (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
Bernhard Rosenkraenzer

* Applying mutation testing for testing RCU: Progress report

Learn how we overcame the practical and computational limitations of mutation testing to identify real problems in projects as complex as the Kernel, and how you too can adopt this technique.
Testing and Fuzzing 09/22/2016
Iftekhar Ahmed

* Better compute control for Android using SchedTune and SCHED_DEADLINE

SchedTune and SCHED_DEADLINE utility for Android (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
Patrick Bellasi, Juri Lelli

* Brillo Kernel Maintenance

Brillo's always-on-latest-LTS kernel plan (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
Kees Cook

* CGroup v2

The new cgroupv2 API: getting more consistent and more well organized.
Containers 06/15/2016
Rami Rosen

* Checkpoint Restore in LXD

In this talk I'll cover the ways we use checkpoint restore in LXD, as well as some challenges we face.
Checkpoint/Restore 08/04/2016
Tycho Andersen

* Checkpoint/Restart for distributed applications

Executing efficient checkpoint/restart for distributed applications
Checkpoint/Restore 09/30/2016
George Bosilca

* Cilium - Container Networking with BPF & XDP

Fast in-kernel networking and security policy enforcement for containers based on eBPF programs generated on the fly
Containers 09/08/2016
Thomas Graf

* clear containers: project update

A quick update on where we are, where we want to go and which major issues we're facing with clear containers. (slides)
Containers 10/07/2016
Samuel Ortiz

* Configuration and Assignment

Configuring and using FPGAs and programmable devices through assignment
FPGAs and Programmable Logic Devices 10/24/2016
Jon Masters, Alan Tull, Graeme Gregory, Zach Pfeffer

* CPUFreq without timers and the schedutil governor

Summarize recent advances in CPUFreq development and discuss the next steps.
Power Management and Energy-awareness 08/18/2016
Rafael Wysocki

* Definition of a kernel energy model in DT

Overview of kernel energy model proposal and its related DT bindings to describe energy model parameters.
Power Management and Energy-awareness 09/27/2016
Sudeep Holla, Juri Lelli

* Device Tree Schema Discussion

A discussion about the revived Device Tree validation via shemas. (slides)
Device Tree 09/13/2016
Grant Likely

* devictree: hardware vs configuration vs policy

Where should configuration and policy information be located; devicetree or elsewhere? (slides)
Device Tree 09/06/2016
Frank Rowand

* Direct Injection of MSIs into KVM guests on arm64

Discussion around direct injection of MSIs into KVM guests on arm64
PCI 07/29/2016
Marc Zyngier

* drm_hwcomposer library

Cover a brief history of the drm_hwcomposer library, an overview of the code, composition strategies, basic pointers to running Android on DRM/KMS, and future direction. (slides)
Android/Mobile 09/15/2016
Greg Hackmann, Sean Paul, Marissa Wall

* Energy Aware Scheduling (EAS) on Android

Summary of experiences with deploying EAS on Android (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
Todd Kjos, Robin Randhawa

* Favored cores and asymmetric packing

Using the scheduler's ASYM_PACKING feature for the handling of cores with different maximum turbo frequencies (slides)
Power Management and Energy-awareness 08/24/2016
Srinivas Pandruvada, Tim Chen

* File capabilities in user namespaces

Update on file capabilities in containers
Containers 09/16/2016
Serge Hallyn

* FPGA mgr update

An update on the current development of the fpga mgr framework (slides)
FPGAs and Programmable Logic Devices 10/24/2016
Jon Masters, Alan Tull

* Future Git Directions

Let's make sure Git development is useful!
Git 09/27/2016
Jon Loeliger

* GCC optimizations and their impact on livepatch

Describe different GCC optimizations which have certain impact on kernel live patching. (slides)
Live kernel patching 07/04/2016
Miroslav Benes

* General discussion

Open discussion on a number of current topics
Containers 09/22/2016
Stéphane Graber

* Git Series Discussion

Git Series Discussion (slides)
Git 09/27/2016
Jon Loeliger, Josh Triplett

* HiKey in AOSP

Lightning talk on HiKey in AOSP, and what its been useful for (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
John Stultz

* How Google use TPMs in ChromeOS

A description of Google's TPM stack and components
TPMs 10/18/2016
Andrey Pronin

* Idle Injection for Power Management

Why forced idle? Update and explore idle injection methods in Linux
Power Management and Energy-awareness 09/22/2016
Jacob Pan

* Improve utilization and load tracking in the scheduler

Discuss some limitations of PELT, their impact and how to improve the situation. (slides)
Power Management and Energy-awareness 07/19/2016
Vincent Guittot

* Improving BCC tracing for the Linux Kernel with LLVM IR

Discuss and learn about the way BCC uses clang's rewrite functionality to create valid bpf programs, and how to improve support to create a better tracer.
Tracing 09/07/2016
Brenden Blanco

* Integrating and running all the kernel tests

Collecting, running and contributing kernel tests is still a challenge
Testing and Fuzzing 08/30/2016
Yannick Brosseau

* Integration of trace buffering and aggregation tools

Discussion on use-cases facilitated by combining trace buffering (e.g. Ftrace, Perf, LTTng) and live aggregation (e.g. eBPF, SystemTAP) technologies.
Tracing 07/21/2016
Mathieu Desnoyers

* Introduction

Introduction to the micro-conference
Containers 09/22/2016
Stéphane Graber

* Introduction

Introduce agenda and people
Device Tree 10/28/2016
Frank Rowand

* Introduction

TPMs 10/18/2016
Matthew Garrett

* Introduction to session

Introduction to the problem space of using programmable logic in general purpose datacenter and embedded environments
FPGAs and Programmable Logic Devices 10/24/2016
Jon Masters

* IOMMU Interaction Issues with PCI

Discuss current issues in PCI<->IOMMU interaction.
PCI 09/02/2016
Joerg Roedel

* ION - Large pages for devices

New ION heap for large pages to reduce device TLB (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
John Einar Reitan

* Ion update and status report

Discussion of the progress to move Ion out of staging (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/17/2016
Laura Abbott

* Kernelscope: Live debugging at scale

This talk will cover kernelscope, a tool we use inside of Facebook to debug complex problems.
Tracing 05/11/2016
Josef Bacik

* Lazy Process Migration

Decrease downtime during process migration using userfaultfd to restore memory pages on demand.
Checkpoint/Restore 04/29/2016
Adrian Reber, Mike Rapoport

* Linux Kernel Testing: Where are we ?

Provide an overview of current kernel test efforts
Testing and Fuzzing 09/07/2016
Guenter Roeck

* Linux Kernel: Behavioral Analysis and Visualization

A hands on session explaining behavioral analysis in the kernel and the tooling built around it. The eventual goal is to have "behaviors" defined for a wide range of sub-systems in the Linux kernel. (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
KP Singh

* Linux linker tables - past, present and future

Linux may soon have linker table support, where did this come from and what does this mean? (slides)
Testing and Fuzzing 07/25/2016
Luis Rodriguez

* Linux PM infrastructure status report

Describe and discuss the current status of the PM infrastructure in the Linux kernel.
Power Management and Energy-awareness 08/18/2016
Rafael Wysocki

* Live Patching: prioritizing next steps in upstream codebase

Live Patching: prioritizing next steps in upstream codebase
Live kernel patching 08/31/2016
Jiri Kosina

* Livepatch and modified data structures - brainstorming

Brainstorming about save modification of data structures used by the patched functions. (slides)
Live kernel patching 07/15/2016
Petr Mladek

* Livepatch module creation tooling

Compare the different tools and approaches used for livepatch module creation and try to come up with common in-tree tooling to support it. (slides)
Live kernel patching 06/15/2016
Josh Poimboeuf

* Livepatch support for different architectures

Summarize and discuss obstacles when enabling Livepatch support on different architectures. (slides)
Live kernel patching 07/15/2016
Petr Mladek

* Livepatching completeness - a review of considerations for success

This talk covers areas of improvements to help livepatching be widely adopted and used (slides)
Live kernel patching 04/19/2016
Balbir Singh

* Local storage resource management

Discuss the current state and future of local storage management with Containers
Containers 09/13/2016
Vishnu Kannan

* Localising the system latency/throughput/power tunability surface

Discussion on enabling per-task tuning of kernel policies using a well defined user-space interface (slides)
Power Management and Energy-awareness 10/04/2016
Patrick Bellasi

* lxc: project update

Update on the past year of LXC, LXCFS and LXD development (slides)
Containers 09/16/2016
Stéphane Graber, Christian Brauner

* Mainlining of the Android Sync Framework: status update

Update on the effort to add Explicit Fencing to mainline kernel using the Android Sync Framework as a base. (slides)
Android/Mobile 09/07/2016
Gustavo Padovan

* MSIs in Guest OSs on arm64

Discussion around MSI generation and routing for devices passed through to KVM guests on arm64 machines.
PCI 07/29/2016
Will Deacon

* Multi-device support for AOSP

Discussion on Linaro's and other's HAL unification/consolidation/dynamic-modularization work along with single kernel/single user-space efforts. (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
John Stultz, Rob Herring, Amit Kucheria

* Next steps for FPGAs and programmable logic

Open floor discussion of next steps for collaboration
FPGAs and Programmable Logic Devices 10/24/2016
Jon Masters

* openvz: project update

an overview of new stuff in OpenVZ 7
Containers 09/21/2016
Kir Kolyshkin

* Orchestration of FPGAs

Orchestration and provisioning of FPGAs and programmable logic devices
FPGAs and Programmable Logic Devices 10/24/2016
Jon Masters, Graeme Gregory, Alan Tull

* Overlays, connectors, plugins, overlay managers

Ask questions about and make suggestions regarding overlays, connectors, plugins, overlay managers
Device Tree 10/27/2016
Frank Rowand

* Patch module dependencies

Explore the pros and cons of enforcing hard module dependencies for patch modules. (slides)
Live kernel patching 08/17/2016
Jessica Yu

* Patching of scheduler functions

Describe one of the livepatch limitations - patching of scheduler functions - and try to come up with a feasible solution. (slides)
Live kernel patching 07/04/2016
Miroslav Benes

* PCI resource ALT allocation and resource allocation test module

New resource ALT allocation (small size than alignment) and test module for pci resource allocation.
PCI 10/25/2016
Yinghai Lu

* PCI resources/irq allocation cross-arch consolidation

Discuss and draft a plan to consolidate PCI resources (memory, IO, IRQs) management across architectures.
PCI 07/12/2016
Lorenzo Pieralisi

* PCIe domains re-enumeration

PCIe domains re-enumeration
PCI 07/12/2016
Keith Busch

* Record and vPlay: Debugging Container-App-Crashes with "Partial Checkpoints"

Loosely based on Dinesh Subhraveti's PhD thesis, the vPlay system enables the minimal runtime state of the container to be captured such that when restored, application would retrace its execution for a specified time interval. The key observation is that during the last moments of an application crash, where the root cause typically lies, the application only accesses a small subset of its address space and only those pages need to be saved. The technique, dubbed partial checkpointing, is combined with logging to be used for debugging. Because all interactions of the application with the kernel are logged, the execution can be natively replayed even on BSD or Windows. (slides)
Containers 09/16/2016
Dinesh Subhraveti

* Remote server for tracing

Adding a trace-cmd server for guests and remote machines
Tracing 07/28/2016
Steven Rostedt

* rkt: project update

Update on the progress of the rkt application container engine
Containers 09/16/2016
Brandon Philips

* rkt: project update

An update on the past year's work in the rkt container runtime
Containers 10/31/2016
Matthew Garrett

* runc: project update

Learn how runc and ocitools make it easy to run containers
Containers 09/03/2016
Mrunal Patel

* Secure world discussion: OP-TEE and Trusty

Overview and discussion on OPTEE and Trusty (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
Rom Lemarchand, Jens Wiklander

* Shipping known-good PCR values

How can we make it easier to seal secrets to TPMs?
TPMs 10/18/2016
Matthew Garrett

* SoC idle: hierarchical idle management

Unifying idle management for CPUs, clusters and IO devices
Power Management and Energy-awareness 08/19/2016
Kevin Hilman, Lina Iyer, Ulf Hansson

* Some Open Challenges in Checkpointing

In this presentation, we will talk about some of the open challenges in checkpointing.
Checkpoint/Restore 09/26/2016
Kapil Arya, Gene Cooperman

* Standardization of Device Tree Bindings for TPM

Standardizing Device Tree bindings for TPM, thereby enabling a defacto mechanism for DT based platforms.
TPMs 09/01/2016
Nayna Jain

* Standardized Enumeration of FPGAs

Existing and emerging mechanisms for enumerating FPGAs
FPGAs and Programmable Logic Devices 10/24/2016
Jon Masters, Alan Tull, Zach Pfeffer

* State of the Git Union

State of the Git Union
Git 09/27/2016
Jon Loeliger

* State of the kernel support

State of the kernel support for containers
Containers 09/16/2016
Eric W. Biederman

* status of devicetree debug tools and techniques

Review of recently added debug tools. Discussion of what additional tools would be useful. (slides)
Device Tree 09/13/2016
Frank Rowand

* Support for configurable PCIe endpoint

Support for configurable PCIe endpoint (slides)
PCI 08/08/2016
Kishon Vijay Abraham I

* Syzkaller: Future development

Making syzkaller even more efficient (slides)
Testing and Fuzzing 07/01/2016
Dmitry Vyukov

* The IBM TSS 2.0 stack

Introduction to the IBM TSS 2.0 stack
TPMs 10/18/2016
Ken Goldman

* The Intel TSS 2.0 stack

Introduction to the Intel TSS 2.0 stack
TPMs 10/18/2016
Philip Tricca

* The vDSO on arm64

Status of the vDSO on arm64 and the proposed addition of a 32-bit vDSO. (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
Kevin Brodsky

* Towards better restorer

Few words about why current restorer sucks and how to make it work better.
Checkpoint/Restore 09/26/2016
Pavel Emelyanov

* Trinity: Next directions.

Trinity: Next directions.
Testing and Fuzzing 06/08/2016
Dave Jones

* Understanding use cases for FPGAs

Identifying target use cases of focus for future work on FPGAs
FPGAs and Programmable Logic Devices 10/24/2016
Jon Masters, Alan Tull, Graeme Gregory, Zach Pfeffer

* User Space Dynamic Tracing

New approach to fast user space tracing with a help of the kernel
Tracing 09/05/2016
Alexei Starovoitov

* Userspace livepatching

Discussion of livepatching of userspace programs and libraries. (slides)
Live kernel patching 09/29/2016
Joe Lawrence, Josh Poimboeuf

* Using the TPM for cloud based authentication

Discuss and demo tools for creating private keys offline and securely uploading them to the cloud.
TPMs 09/01/2016
James E.J. Bottomley

* What doesn't work in CRIU

Why CRIU can't dump any set of processes
Checkpoint/Restore 09/02/2016
Andrei Vagin, Adrian Reber

* What to do with Android items in staging?

Very quick review of Android items in staging (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/11/2016
John Stultz, Greg Kroah-Hartman

* Window Assisted Load Tracking (WALT) in the Linux Scheduler

Evaluation of a window based utilization tracking scheme in the Linux Scheduler
Power Management and Energy-awareness 08/22/2016
Vikram Mulukuta