Sweeney F

Capacity: 450

Sweeney F

Linux Plumbers Conference 2016 BoF Sessions

Proposals for this room

* Improving Gaming Under Linux

A session for people with interest in various parts of the OS and distro to improve gaming performance
BoFs 05/04/2016
PJ Waskiewicz, John Linville

* GPL Enforcement Feedback session

A session for Q&A and to hear feedback about GPL enforcement.
BoFs 09/02/2016
Karen Sandler

* Distributing files with signatures

Linux can enforce signature checking on all files and make sure only trusted software can be executed, but this requires that the file signatures be packaged, distributed, and installed together with the files. This BoF aims to bring together people working on package management systems to discuss the different methods of including file signatures in software packages.
BoFs 09/12/2016
Mehmet Kayaalp, Stefan Berger

* Window Assisted Load Tracking (WALT) as an alternative to PELT utilization tracking in the Linux Scheduler

Theory and Data on why we believe WALT is better than PELT for real world mobile or interactive use cases from a perf-per-waiit perspective.
BoFs 10/05/2016
Vikram Mulukutla

Linux Plumbers Conference 2016 Refereed Talks

Proposals for this room

* rtl8xxxu - true love for cheap USB WiFi dongles

Improving support for cheap Realtek WiFi dongles (and shrinking drivers/staging in the process) (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 09/07/2016
Jes Sorensen

* gce-xfstests: Testing Kernels in the Cloud

Testing kernels in GCE using a test appliance containing xfstests
Refereed Presentations Track 09/08/2016
Theodore Ts'o

* Near Field Communication (NFC) on Linux

Current status and future developments of the Linux NFC project (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 09/08/2016
Thierry Escande

* Container Networking with BPF & XDP

Fast in-kernel container networking with security policy enforcement based on BPF programs which are generated on the fly for each container.
Refereed Presentations Track 09/08/2016
Thomas Graf

* A Beginner's Guide to the TPM

A talk about what the TPM can do, what it should be doing for you in Linux and how we can help it do that. <a href="http://www.hansenpartnership.com/Impress-Slides/Beginners-Guide-TPM-2016/">slides</a>
Refereed Presentations Track 06/25/2016
James E.J. Bottomley

* Application packaging, sorting things out

Discussion on OEMs and consumers needs for comprehensive packaging of "applications"
Refereed Presentations Track 09/07/2016
Guy Lunardi, Matthew Garrett

* git-series: Tracking the History of History

This talk will present git-series, a new git tool for tracking patch series through rebases and other non-fast-forwarding operations. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/30/2016
Josh Triplett

* Reducing Network Latency on Wifi... Finally!

WiFi doesn't have to suck. Really. We can make it suck less. In fact, we just did. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 09/01/2016
Dave Taht

* How truly unprivileged containers work in lxc

Learn how Linux safely supports unprivileged users creating and starting containers. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 09/01/2016
Serge Hallyn

* File signatures needed!

In this talk we will present how Linux Integrity Measurement Architecture (IMA) on Ubuntu and Fedora can prevent the execution of unsanctioned programs once we have installed the system files with signatures. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 09/01/2016
Mehmet Kayaalp, Stefan Berger

* linux and glibc: The 4.5TiB malloc API trace

Ever wanted simulate a workload without needing the original application? Look no further. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 09/01/2016
Carlos O'Donell

* Enabling Fast Per-CPU User-Space Algorithms with Restartable Sequences

Explanation of the Restartable Sequences (rseq) system call: algorithm, ABI, and use-cases. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/31/2016
Mathieu Desnoyers

* Beyond Fork and Exec: Running a Million Containers at Facebook

A critical look at Linux APIs from an application developer perspective
Refereed Presentations Track 08/02/2016
Alex Gartrell

* Portable System Services

systemd's primary functionality is service management. Let's bring service management to the next level, by introducing "Portable System Services", a new concept how services may be packaged up with all their required libraries, data and other artifacts and may be shipped as single-file images. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 07/20/2016
Lennart Poettering

* Improving Linux Performance with GCC latest technologies

Use of the latest GCC technology to boost the performance of a Linux-based system (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/22/2016
Victor Rodriguez

* Man-pages: discovery, feedback loops, and the perfect kernel commit message

How do we discover API changes, test and document them, and make sure they are publicized to everyone, including end users, as far in advance, and as widely, as possible? (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/29/2016
Michael Kerrisk

* Capability-based IPC on Linux

Introducing bus1, a capability based IPC on linux. (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 08/26/2016
David Herrmann, Tom Gundersen

* Sanitizers

a new generation of bug finding tools (slides)
Refereed Presentations Track 04/05/2016
Dmitry Vyukov