Git track

Thursday, November 3, 2016 from 2:005:00pm
Sweeney AB
The Linux Plumbers 2016 Git track is focusing on the Future of Git. Not so much does it have a future, but rather what will Git be able to do or look like in the future. We’ll take presentations on several enhancements and feature requests, maybe a little open discussion and arm wrestling, but no fist-fights or yelling.

The structure will be … loose. A few short presentations, Q&A, and open discussions.

Microconference Leader

Jon Loeliger

Proposals for this track

* A Maze of Git Scripts All Alike

We've all written umpteen Git scripts. Any standardization on the horizon?
Git 09/27/2016
Jon Loeliger, Steven Rostedt

* Alex Courouble: Token-level git blame

Some scripting to obtain token-level git blame results.
Git 09/27/2016
Jon Loeliger, Alexandre Courouble

* Future Git Directions

Let's make sure Git development is useful!
Git 09/27/2016
Jon Loeliger

* Git Series Discussion

Git Series Discussion (slides)
Git 09/27/2016
Jon Loeliger, Josh Triplett

* State of the Git Union

State of the Git Union
Git 09/27/2016
Jon Loeliger