PCI track

Friday, November 4, 2016 from 9:30am12:29pm
Sweeney AB

The Linux Plumbers 2016 PCI track will focus on promoting discussions on improvements for the Linux kernel PCI subsystem which include a status update on PCI firmware interfaces (DT/ACPI) management, unification of PCI support for multiple architectures, current developments in PCI virtualization and finally brainstorming of implementation for recent PCIe features into the kernel.

Microconference Leaders

Bjorn Helgaas, Lorenzo Pieralisi

Proposals for this track

* Direct Injection of MSIs into KVM guests on arm64

Discussion around direct injection of MSIs into KVM guests on arm64
PCI 07/29/2016
Marc Zyngier

* IOMMU Interaction Issues with PCI

Discuss current issues in PCI<->IOMMU interaction.
PCI 09/02/2016
Joerg Roedel

* MSIs in Guest OSs on arm64

Discussion around MSI generation and routing for devices passed through to KVM guests on arm64 machines.
PCI 07/29/2016
Will Deacon

* PCI resource ALT allocation and resource allocation test module

New resource ALT allocation (small size than alignment) and test module for pci resource allocation.
PCI 10/25/2016
Yinghai Lu

* PCI resources/irq allocation cross-arch consolidation

Discuss and draft a plan to consolidate PCI resources (memory, IO, IRQs) management across architectures.
PCI 07/12/2016
Lorenzo Pieralisi

* PCIe domains re-enumeration

PCIe domains re-enumeration
PCI 07/12/2016
Keith Busch

* Support for configurable PCIe endpoint

Support for configurable PCIe endpoint (slides)
PCI 08/08/2016
Kishon Vijay Abraham I