Call for Microconferences

We are pleased to announce the Call for Microconferences for the 2016 edition of the Linux Plumbers Conference, which will be held in Santa Fe, NM, USA on November 2-4 in conjunction with Linux Kernel Summit.

A microconference is a collection of collaborative sessions focused on problems in a particular area of the Linux plumbing, which includes the kernel, libraries, utilities, UI, and so forth, but can also focus on cross-cutting concerns such as security, scaling, energy efficiency, or a particular use case. Good microconferences result in solutions to these problems and concerns, while the best microconferences result in patches that implement those solutions. For more information on submitting a microconference proposal, see

Of course, there is more to Plumbers than microconferences, so look for upcoming calls for refereed-track presentations, BoFs, hackfests, and lightning talks. We hope to see you in Santa Fe this coming November!

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