Audio workshop accepted for Linux Plumbers Conference and Kernel Summit

Audio is an increasingly important component of the Linux plumbing, given increased use of Linux for media workloads and of the Linux kernel for smartphones. Topics include low-latency audio, use of the clock API, propagating digital configuration through dynamic audio power management (DAPM), integration of HDA and ASoC, SoundWire ALSA use-case managemer (UCM) scalability, standardizing HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces, Media Controller API integration, and a number of topics relating to the multiple userspace users of Linux-kernel audio, including Android and ChromeOS as well as the various desktop-oriented Linux distributions.

As with many Linux-kernel components, upstreaming of vendor drivers and handling of stable and long term-stable (LTS) trees are also important topics.

Please join us for a timely and important discussion!

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  1. Shuah Khan
    Posted September 6, 2016 at 7:11 pm | Permalink

    I would like to participate in this workshop. I don’t necessarily have a talk, however I am interested in participating in the Media Controller API integration discussion.

    — Shuah

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