How to attend Linux Plumbers Conference 2016

For directions and transportation information will be published nearer the time of the conference


Pricing information is available for the 2016 Linux Plumbers Conference. The conference will take place November 1 through November 4, 2016 in Santa Fe,  New Mexico, USA. Note that registration might close earlier than dates indicated if the maximum capacity is reached. This has happened in the past years a few weeks before the start of the conference. Early registration is therefore recommended. Registration will not be available onsite on the days of the conference, hence the last day to register, unless registration is closed earlier, will be October 31, 2016, the day prior to the conference.


Plumbers is traditionally a 3 day conference.  However, it is also now traditional that the Linux Kernel Summit do an Open Day after the core day which is open to all attendees of co-located conferences.  This year, we’ve decided to experiment with this format by adding the traditional Kernel Summit Open Day topics to Plumbers, meaning that Plumbers becomes a Four Day event from Tuesday through Friday with the closed Kernel Summit core day being on Monday.


Last year, we abolished the student category and instead adopted a hobbyist one.  A hobbyist, broadly speaking, is anyone not employed in the Linux or Linux-related industries.  To receive the discount code for hobbyist registration please email with an email explaining why you think the category applies to you.


Last year we received some complaints that Plumbers still filled up too early with the result that registration was closed about a week into the standard registration period.  This penalised potential attendees (particularly those in small companies) whose travel approval decisions didn’t get made in time.  This time, in order to mitigate the impact of this somewhat, we will be holding back some places to be allocated as each registration period starts.  These additional allocations will be available via the standard registration site on a first-come first-served basis.  We will be informing people via the usual channels (this blog, our twitter account, etc.) as the additional allocation is made available.

Early Registration $400 $200 140 June 3, 2016 August 26, 2016
Regular Registration $550 $275 50 August 27, 2016 September 30, 2016
Late Registration $650 $375 10 October 1, 2016 October 31, 2016



Registration is now open subject to the above quotas.  As is usual, the Linux Foundation is running registration via the regonline site, so please click here to register for Plumbers.


The Linux Plumbers Conference 2016 will take place in the Santa Fe Convention Centre.  Travel and accommodation information is available here.  Please note that both the Santa Fe and nearby Albuquerque airports have relatively limited connectivity and flight times,


This year, we’re sharing the room block for the Linux Kernel Summit, which has been enlarged to cope with plumbers attendees.  For details about hotels, please see the kernel summit hotels page.

If you have any questions, as usual, please email