Thursday night reception for LPC

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Intel, the Linux Plumbers Conference is pleased to announce that there will be an additional social event this year. On Thursday August 20th, we will be gathering at the Seattle Rock Bottom Brewery—just a short walk from the conference venue and hotel—for drinks and dinner in a relaxed setting. The evening’s event will be showcasing local beers, wines, and spirits, but some of the more standard items (like single-malt scotches and cocktails) will also be available.

Since there will be various BoFs and extended microconferences going later in the evening on Thursday, the event has been structured to accommodate that. The event will not have a buffet and will, instead, provide food made to order. It will run until midnight and dinner orders can be placed up until 23:30, so folks can show up any time and still get the food of their choice, hot and fresh. That said, if we all order right at the 18:00 start, the waiting time may get long. So, if you aren’t working late, a walk around Seattle (perhaps after popping in for a drink) would work well to put some space around the food orders. The Rock Bottom is a large venue with lots of tables for discussions and the like, so continuing a conversation there, rather than at the venue, will work out well.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Rock Bottom on Thursday!