Registration for LPC 2015 Is Now Open

The 2015 Linux Plumbers Conference organizing committee is pleased to announce that the registration for this year’s conference is now open. The conference will be taking place in Seattle, Washington, USA, August 19th through August 21st. Information on how to register can be found on the ATTEND page. Registration prices and cutoff dates are also published in the ATTEND page. As usual, contact us if you have questions.

Containers Microconference Accepted into 2015 Linux Plumbers Conference

Over the past year, the advent of Docker has further increased the level of Containers excitement. Additional points of Containers interest include the LXC 1.1 release (which includes CRIU checkpoint/restore, in-container systemd support, and feature-set compatibility across systemd, sysvinit, and upstart), the recently announced merger of OpenVZ and Cloud server, and progress in the kernel namespace and cgroups infrastructure.

The goal of this microconference is to get these diverse groups together to discuss the long-standing issue of container device isolation, live migration, security features such as user namespaces, and the dueling-systemd challenges stemming from running systemd both within containers and on the host OS (see “The Grumpy Editor’s guide to surviving the systemd debate” for other systemd-related topics).

Please join us for a timely and important discussion!

Energy-Aware Scheduling and CPU Power Management Microconference Accepted into 2015 Linux Plumbers Conference

Energy efficiency has received considerable attention, for example, the microconference at last year’s Plumbers.  However, despite another year’s worth of vigorous efforts, there is still quite a bit left to be desired in Linux’s power management and in its energy-aware scheduling in particular, hence this year’s microconference.

This microconference will look at progress on frequency/performance scaling, thermal management, ACPI power management, device-tree representation of power-management features, energy-aware scheduling, management of power domains, integration of system-wide with runtime power management, and of course measurement techniques and tools.

We hope to see you there!

Checkpoint/Restart Microconference Accepted into 2015 Linux Plumbers Conference

Checkpoint/restart technology is the basis for live migration as well as its traditional use to take a snapshot of a long-running job. This microconference will focus on the C/R project called CRIU and will bring together people from Canonical, CloudLinux, Georgia Institute of Technology, Google, Parallels, and Qualcomm to discuss CRIU integration with the various containers projects, its use on Android, performance and testing issues and, of course, to show some live demoes.  See the Checkpoint/Restart wiki for more information.

Please join us for a timely and important discussion!


LPC 2015 Call for Microconference Proposals

The LPC 2015 Planning Committee has opened the submissions for Microconference Proposals. Please review the instructions on our Participate page carefully, because this year we have implemented a few new changes to the process. We look forward to your proposals!

As usual if you have any questions, please contact us.

LPC 2015 Call for Refereed Presentations

We are pleased to announce that the Call for Refereed Presentations for the Linux Plumbers Conference 2015 is now open. Please follow the instructions on our Participate page. Just like in the past, the Refereed Presentation track is shared with LinuxCon North America which will take place August 17 – 19 at the same location. In particular, the LPC specific refereed presentations will be scheduled on the overlap day, August 19, 2015. Mark your calendar!

If you have any questions, please contact the LPC planning committee.

Welcome to the 2015 Edition of the Linux Plumbers Conference!

The 2015 LPC planning committee is pleased to announce that the planning for this year’s edition of the Linux Plumbers Conference has started. The conference will take place in Seattle, Washington USA from Wednesday August 19 to Friday August 21, 2015, at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel.
We hope to see you there for a very productive set of discussions!