John Stultz


John Stultz


John Stultz has worked on x86 server enablement, Enterprise Realtime Linux, and now as a member of the effort. In the Linux community, he has worked mostly as maintainer of the timekeeping subsystem, but has also worked on stability and scalability issues with the PREEMPT_RT patch, and most recently has been working to upstream Android functionality into the mainline kernel.

Proposals for this user

* Barriers for running mainline kernels on consumer Android devices

Will discuss past and current barriers to running mainline kernel on off-the-shelf Android devices, what is improving and what needs to be done. (slides)
Android/Mobile I 06/15/2015
John Stultz

* Improving vendor AOSP repos

A discussion of issues with vendor AOSP repos, and ideas for how things can be improved. (slides)
Android/Mobile II 06/15/2015
John Stultz