Fiorenzo Cattaneo


Fio Cattaneo has been working in the industry for 25 years and his main interests are in kernels, operating systems and distributed systems. His first kernel work was at Olivetti S.p.A., help porting BSD4.2 on a Motorola architecture, and subsequently develop multiprocessor support in the early days of SMP technology. More recently he worked on distributed systems and storage at Pyramid Technology and Bluearc. He worked at Microsoft in the clustering group, and at Amazon AWS on distributed systems and storage technologies. He joined Twitter in early 2013 and works for the OS Team on the Twitter Cache project.

Proposals for this user

* BOF: Bittern Disk Cache

Bittern Disk Cache: replacing Hardware RAID with Persistent Memory and software RAID stack
BoF Track 07/23/2015
Fiorenzo Cattaneo