Dan Williams


Dan Williams

Intel OTC


Dan Williams is a Linux kernel developer in Intel’s Open Source Technology Center. Formerly, he was a member of Facebook’s Infrastructure Engineering organization. His primary focus is enabling next generation storage technologies and supporting Intel platform capabilities in the Linux kernel. Most recently he spoke at the 2015 Linux Foundation Vault Storage Conference. He was a program committee member for the 2012 Linux Storage and Filesystem Summit (LSF), and an invited attendee on 3 other occasions. He was also invited to the Linux Kernel Summit in 2012 and 2014.

Proposals for this user

* Introduction to nfit, libnvdimm and libndctl

An overview of the new nfit driver, the libnvdimm kernel sub-system, and the libndctl userspace management library developed in support of non-volatile-memory enabled platforms. (slides)
Persistent Memory 06/18/2015
Dan Williams