Varun Sethi

Varun Sethi

Freescale Semiconductor


Varun Sethi is a Software Architect at Freescale Semiconductor and has been involved in virtualization software development for embedded Power Architecture SOCs. He has contributed to the KVM port for BookE.HV platforms and the e500mc core. He is the author for Freescale PAMU (IOMMU) driver. He’s working on enhancements for the ARM SMMU driver for Freescale Layerscape platforms. Varun is also looking at Virtio performance analysis and optimizations. He has made presentations on KVM and Virtio optimizations at KVM Forum (2012/2014). He has also conducted talks, on dependability in case of virtualized platforms at the IEEE DSN conference. He has a publication on KVM optimizations for BookE platforms without hardware virtualization assists, at ASPLOS 2013. He has conducted a joint talk on network virtualization at the Linux foundation collaboration summit.

Proposals for this user

* Framework for hardware accelerated virtio networking for NFVs

Framework is aimed at addressing performance bottlenecks associated with Vhost-net networking using hardware offloads
Networking 06/24/2015
Varun Sethi