Pavel Emelyanov


Pavel Emelyanov is a core Virtuozzo and OpenVZ kernel developer working in the project for the last six years. He’s currently the kernel team leader at Parallels and manages the development of all the kernel features for OpenVZ and Parallels Virtuozzo Containers. Pavel is also a prolific mainstream kernel contributor. He holds a PhD degree in Applied Mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Proposals for this user

* cgroups kernel memory controller

Kernel memory accounting (kmemcg): status, why important, why and how to use
Containers 07/09/2015
Kir Kolyshkin, Pavel Emelyanov

* Checkpoint/restore status update (CRIU)

CRIU status update, incl. integration (Docker/LXC/LXD/VZ7)
Containers 07/09/2015
Kir Kolyshkin, Pavel Emelyanov, Andrey Vagin

* P.Haul: live migrating with CRIU

A quick talk about p.haul project that live migrates containers using CRIU (slides)
Checkpoint/Restore 06/25/2015
Pavel Emelyanov