Containers in the upstream kernel (as compared to VZ kernel)

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One Line Summary

Comparison of containers features between OpenVZ and upstream kerne


Historically, we have developed our own OpenVZ/Virtuozzo kernels as fork of the upstream (and later RHEL) kernels, with massive patchsets and lots of added functionality. For the last 10 years, though, we work hard to bring these features to the upstream kernel, and it pays both to us (less code to port) as well as to others (say, LXC and Docker can now use vanilla kernel). While upstream kernel is good enough, it’s still not on par with the OpenVZ one.

We have just finished rebasing OpenVZ kernel from RHEL6 (2.6.32-based) to RHEL7 (3.10-based) kernel. This session summarizes our experience and findings,
including answers to what is still missing from upstream kernel. The session also outlines our plans
to contribute to upstream.


kernel, containers, cgroups, openvz, virtuozzo


  • Kir Kolyshkin

    OpenVZ / CRIU / Odin / Parallels


    Developing free software on Linux since 1998. Working on Linux Containers since 2002. Leading the OpenVZ project since 2005.