BOF: switchdev offloading

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60 Minute BoF
Scheduled: Thursday, August 20, 2015 from 5:00 – 6:00pm in Kirkland

One Line Summary

A look on the common dilemma for offloading Linux network component to HW switches and e-switches using switchdev


The switch device driver model (switchdev) enables offloading of the forwarding plane from the kernel to the hardware tables, where the HW forwarding plane is viewed as a fast path cache of the Linux networking tables.
In this session, we discuss some issues that a vendor may face when implementing a switchdev offloading driver:
Offload policy options:
- Full synchronization (offload all)
- Traffic based (cache)
- LRU based
- Other?
How/should the application control the offload policy
Out Of Resource management:
What should be the behavior in case the HW resources exhausted?
- Ignore HW error and leave kernel and HW out of synched ? in that case, how do we synch the forwarding plane back again when HW resource become available ?
- Force full synchronization of kernel and HW tables i.e. delete the failed entry’s form the kernel as well?
- Provide some priority mechanism to replace “less important” entries with more important ones?
- How to implement a per table priority policy?


  • Biography

    software architect at Mellanox works on various networking components focusing on HW switches SDK and driver ,Linux, network protocols ,and SDN.