P.Haul: live migrating with CRIU

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One Line Summary

A quick talk about p.haul project that live migrates containers using CRIU


Doing live migration is not just dump + copy + resume, to decrease the freeze time migration should include some steps that copy data between nodes without freezing the tasks.

CRIU provides all necessary bits and pieces to do it, but doesn’t allow to easily do all of them with one simple call. The P.Haul project is all about it.

In this talk I’d like to describe the current P.Haul architecture and discuss what we plan to do with it to suit all the interested parties.


Live Migration, containers, CRIU

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  • Biography

    Pavel Emelyanov is a core Virtuozzo and OpenVZ kernel developer working in the project for the last six years. He’s currently the kernel team leader at Parallels and manages the development of all the kernel features for OpenVZ and Parallels Virtuozzo Containers. Pavel is also a prolific mainstream kernel contributor. He holds a PhD degree in Applied Mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.