Improving vendor AOSP repos

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One Line Summary

A discussion of issues with vendor AOSP repos, and ideas for how things can be improved.


Most OEMs fork AOSP (or further fork SoC vendor’s AOSP based BSP) and modify the tree as needed to enable and ship their devices. Unfortunately there isn’t any collaboration or community established best-practices, so these modified trees often collide with upstream AOSP changes and make updating to new AOSP releases difficult.

This discussion session will cover aspects of why this is problematic, and what might be possible to improve the situation.

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  • Johnstultz

    John Stultz


    John Stultz has worked on x86 server enablement, Enterprise Realtime Linux, and now as a member of the effort. In the Linux community, he has worked mostly as maintainer of the timekeeping subsystem, but has also worked on stability and scalability issues with the PREEMPT_RT patch, and most recently has been working to upstream Android functionality into the mainline kernel.