Barriers for running mainline kernels on consumer Android devices

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One Line Summary

Will discuss past and current barriers to running mainline kernel on off-the-shelf Android devices, what is improving and what needs to be done.


Android consumer devices are usually released with a heavily patched long-term stable kernel, and while they might get minor fixes to address security issues and major bugs, they are almost never upgraded to newer kernel releases.

This talk will cover some of the general systemic issues making it difficult to run mainline kernels on off-the-shelf devices. As well as a summary of work done in order to get a current mainline kernel booting on a consumer device. We’ll also cover what kernel patches are still needed, and what userspace changes are necessary as well.

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  • Johnstultz

    John Stultz


    John Stultz has worked on x86 server enablement, Enterprise Realtime Linux, and now as a member of the effort. In the Linux community, he has worked mostly as maintainer of the timekeeping subsystem, but has also worked on stability and scalability issues with the PREEMPT_RT patch, and most recently has been working to upstream Android functionality into the mainline kernel.